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I posted this the other day and you all came through. You gave me tons of great suggestions of female musicians and/or bands with strong female voices. My Dad even texted me some! (Although I don’t know why that surprises me. When we were little he would put on Melissa Ethridge albums and…

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Why aren't you 'ready for hillary'? x
academicmermaid academicmermaid Said:




There are a couple of reasons.

1. She sat on the Walmart board for 6 years and then didn’t do anything when they waged war against the workers and their unions (X)

2. She voted in favor of the Iraq war (X)

3. She is into free trade agreements (even if she is formally against some of the policies, she still maintains that she supports the principles of them) (X)

4. She supports a border fence in Israel and wholeheartedly believes Israel deserves “safety and security” (X)

5. She supports performance based pay for public schools (X)

6. She also believes charter schools help failing public schools (X)

7. She wants to maintain US hegemony, increase the defense budget and she supports the death penalty (X)

8. She said, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants” and supported the border wall (X)

9. She supported DOMA and thinks civil unions are good enough for “equal rights” (X) I’m not interested in marriage for us queers, but she is on the other side of the issue entirely saying that she is against marriage for same sex partners but is pro civil unions. The reason civil unions were created was to create a new way to oppress and otherize systematically. 

10. She wants more police, vigil antes and harsher prison sentences (X)

I’m sure there are more. But honestly she’s very moderate and I see her being really exciting for the young dems because she’s a woman but ultimately her policies will reflect those of the old white dudes (and obama bc his policies aren’t anything to praise either) that came before her.

Do we have to be pro-Hilary because she’s female?  Because I’m not, either.  And I think Elizabeth Warren is too young, as in, she has to build up more collateral in public office before she stands a half a chance in a national election.  2020 yes, 2016 no.

I think she’s said the Iraq vote was a mistake, for whatever that’s worth? and I would be REALLY surprised if she didn’t change her tune on civil unions, after declaring and at a politically convenient time.

I mean I am totally going to vote for her because I’m not sure we have anyone better, but yes legit as hell criticisms. 


Dear White People trailer takes a satirical look at modern American race relations

"Dear white people: The minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been raised to two"

Here for this.

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"Beachfront libraries are an ingenious addition to shorelines around the world. Forget your book? Go grab a replacement. Finished your latest read? No worries, many choices await you."


New York University, Visual Culture: Costume Studies


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